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"From the time he was a small child, Itachi paid attention to the teachings and signs of our predecessors that no one else gave heed to.
He was a sensitive child who understood our village’s past and shinobi.
And perhaps due to that, the trappings of a clan never bound Itachi.
He was able to think ahead about the future of shinobi and of the village and constantly had misgivings regarding those futures.
Even at the age at seven, he thought like a Hokage.” -Sarutobi

Happy Birthday, buttachi, ily ♡


So, I was going through an old Naruto Data book, and there was this Sasuke question time thing, and I just



NARUTO!☆06 by パパププ 
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naruto is ending soon

ships will be declared canon

no matter who wins

there will be a gigantic fucking shitstorm



hi im sasuke uchiha and you’re watching disney channel


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