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mako-chan is my love, and naruto and sasuke my life

ludi-foolishlilthing is the naruto to my sasuke, and i love them a lot

previously sasukeswind/watanukisakuya/hanaamiya and whatnot

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 NARUTO chapter 696
With memories of that day... 
of that time held in his heart, he fires!



i’m still laughing about this tbh

Anonymous asked: looks like puppy!eren is reaching out for kitty!levi to hug him D:


like nobody in that anime has a bigger boner for anyone else than naruto does for sasuke
— Some guy, Who I’m playing cards against humanity, and he told me he had to tell me something very seriously (via zombiekakashi)

"It’s a… well, it’s like a best friend but more.
It’s the one person in the world,
who knows you better than anyone else.
It’s someone who makes you a better person.
Actually they don’t make you a better person,
you do that yourself because they inspire you.
A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever.
It’s the one person who knew you and accepted you
and believed in you before anyone else did,
or when no one else would.
And no matter what happens, they’ll always love you.
Nothing can ever change that.

snsmonth week 3: brotherhood/protection (happy snsmonth!)

"I can’t do it
I can’t betray Sasuke
I know that it’s selfish
But I can’t betray him”

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黒バスログまとめ6 by ryuaa
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